Astral Uber: I AM Astral Traveler

Astral Uber: I AM an Astral Traveler

The practice of astral projection allows people to have spiritual, out-of-body experiences intentionally. In addition to our physical bodies, humans also have an "astral body," which is sometimes referred to as an etheric body, subtle body, or light body. This might also be thought of as your "soul." Through the astral plane, which is the home of not only souls finding their way to their next life or final resting place, but also angels, spirits, high consciousness beings and other dimensions, which we can explore during the astral travels. When we set the right upfront intention, we can explore the astral plane and we can then venture into etheric realms that transcend time and space to:

*get insights about your future / future events

*connect with loved ones passed on

*learn about past or parallel lives

*get spiritual growth and wisdom

*get to know your guides and spirit

*get answers and insights on actual themes occurring in your current life

*learn about sacred sites, vortex, channels

*discover more about spiritual beings, archangels, and other high

consciousness beings

*find answers within the Akashic records

 Finding specific into dept answers

Via Astral traveling we can visit the Akashic Records: they are the repository of every thought, word, and deed of every living being, good, bad, and awful, in all times; past, present, future. But those familiar with the records report that there is no judgment or implied penalty in the records — they are said to simply be a record of each soul’s journey through the infinite. All information is gathered within the Akashic.

We can specifically investigate your personal Akashic Records and question related to your life’s journey. One also may look for answers concerned humanity.

How an Akashic Records Reading works?

Personal themes might be:

* looking for guidance and clarity in your life?

* answers about your job, your relationship, your family, or a friend?

* you are looking for release and forgiveness for yourself or someone else?

* reconnect with loved ones passed on

* own (spiritual) life’s journey

These are examples of things that can slow you down, and block you from achieving your potential, your dreams. An Akashic Record Reading can help clarify your life


Themes for greater cause might be:

*discover spiritual guides and archangels

*explore sacred places and vortex on earth

*find out more about ancient civilizations (Egypt, Roman, Atlantis…)

*connection with higher consciousness beings and messages

*galactic exploration

How does it work?

We start with an online intake (30) minutes regards the answers to be found. Asking the right question and setting the correct intention is crucial. Why would you find the answer? What is the purpose? How will this make a difference? Is it a personal relation question or more generally which serves humanity?

Within 48 hours we will perform an astral travel session set with your intention and question. The Astral session takes around 90 minutes (earth time). But can take upon days, weeks or longer in the Astral plane, where there is no time and space, to find answers.

This download will be recorded and shared back with you within a set date for the receiving session (60 min)

The answers you receive will be what you need to know, no more, no less. The answer may not be revealed if it is not time or is not in your best interest. Or a partial answer may come with the advisory that the rest will reveal itself later. We never know upfront what we will encounter and what answers we will receive.

During this session you might take notes and ask detailed questions to reveal more to you.

Energy Exchange:

222 euro per reading

Diving deep within: TRINITY special: 555 euro per 3 reading

Once we receive your payment, we will send an email to you to schedule your intake appointment, so please be sure your email address is correct in your payment information.

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